How to Achieve Your Goals

In the Name of Allah, The Most Merciful, The Bestower of Mercy

The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said:

Be diligent concerning matters that will benefit you, seek the help of Allah, and do not lose resolve.

[Collected by Muslim, #2664] 

Imaam Sa’dee, may Allah have mercy on him, explained:

The servant is in need of a beneficial worldly life, just as he or she is in need of beneficial religious practice. The happiness and success of the servant revolves around the following: diligence and hard work towards beneficial matters, religious and worldly, coupled with seeking the help of Allah, The Most High. 

Thus, when a servant is diligent and strives hard towards beneficial matters, carries out the means to achieve them, and seeks the aid of his or her Lord in achieving and completing them, then that is thorough behavior and a sign of success. When the servant leaves off one of these three things, he or she misses-out on the good of that particular thing. 

So, the one who is not diligent, nor hard-working, towards beneficial matters; rather, he or she is lazy, then this person will not achieve anything. Laziness is the foundation of a lack of success and failure. The lazy individual does not achieve good, nor noble deeds, and they do not gain anything in the religion, nor in worldly affairs. 

Yet, when the servant is diligent and hardworking; however, towards non-beneficial endeavors, whether they be harmful or deficient, then the fruits of this diligence and hard work are failure, missing-out on good, and the achievement of evil and harm. How many people have been diligent in treading non-beneficial paths and chasing non-beneficial situations, and the only thing they benefit from their diligence is tiredness, distress, and suffering!

Furthermore, when the servant does tread beneficial paths and is diligent and hardworking, that will not be complete unless there is a true seeking refuge in, and a true seeking help from Allah, regarding the achievement and completion of any goal. The servant does not rely on oneself, one’s own ability, nor one’s own strength; rather, the servant completely relies on his or her Lord, inwardly and outwardly. 

As a result of that, difficult affairs become laidback and situations become easy for the servant. The servant will also experience finished outcomes and excellent fruition in the affairs of religion and the affairs of worldly life. (1)


1. What prophetic statement (hadeeth) teaches us how to achieve our goals? Where can it be found?

2. What are the acts we carry out in order to achieve our goals? What are their opposites? 

3. With whom, from amongst those closest to you, will you share this golden advice? 


(1) See “Bahjatul-Quloob” by Imaam a-S’adee, Hadeeth #12.