Minding Manners in The Masjid

In the name of Allah, The Most Merciful, The Bestower of Mercy

All praise is for Allah. May He exalt the mention of, and grant safety to our Messenger, Muhammad, to his family, and to his Companions.

To proceed:

All of us are happy that Masaajid are opening, al-hamdolillah. Let us be thankful by returning to them properly, meaning: adhering to the Sunnah. Here are some brief words on minding manners in the Masjid. (1)  

Some Rulings on the Congregational Prayers (1)

Allah, The Mighty, The Majestic, has made it obligatory, for men, to pray the five daily prayers in the Masjid, in congregation. 

Legislation commands that the most suitable Muslim leads the prayer. The most suitable Muslim is the one who best combines between knowledge [of the prayer], [accuracy in] recitation, and religiosity. 

We are commanded to straighten our rows, shoulder to shoulder, ankle to ankle.

Prayer in congregation is twenty-seven times greater in reward than prayer alone. [This should not be understood as a recommendation; rather, as previously mentioned, it is obligatory].

The bigger the congregation, the more beloved it is to Allah.

The further the Masjid, the greater the reward for attending, due to the many steps it takes to get there and to return, and due to the other acts of worship that occur (e.g. remembrances on the way). 

Minding Our Manners in the Masjid (2)

It is befitting for the Muslim to enter the Masjid with the right foot, and to say: “In the name of Allah, O’ Allah, exalt the mention of, and grant safety to Muhammad. O’ Allah, forgive me of my sins, and open for me the doors of Your Mercy.” [Collected by Muslim, #713.]

[Once in the Masjid], a Muslim should busy himself or herself with prayer, recitation of the Quran, and knowledge: learning it, teaching it, and listening to it. A Muslim also busies himself or herself with giving advice to those at the Masjid and guiding to things that contain good. 

A Muslim should not busy himself or herself with other than that, such as being engulfed in the affairs of the worldly life. Certainly, the Masaajid were only built to perform actions therein that draw closer to Allah. Seeking and busying oneself with worldly affairs takes place elsewhere.  

We ask Allah to continue to bestow His blessings upon us, and we ask Him to make us thankful servants.


(1/2) “Essential Jurisprudence and Important Rights and Manners” by Imaam as-S’adee

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