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All praise is due to Allah, and may exaltation and safety be granted to Muhammad, his family, his companions, and those who aid them. To proceed:

Allah, the Most High, says in meaning:

1. Say, He is Allah, [who is] One,

2. Allah, the Eternal Refuge.

3. He neither begets nor is born,

4. Nor is there to Him any equivalent.  [Soorah al-Ikhlaas]


[An Explanation of Soorah al-Ikhlaas] (1)


[1]: “Say, He is Allah, [who is] One:” Say O’ Messenger of Allah, He is Allah, the One who is singled out in worship, lordship and in His names and attributes, no one is a partner with Him in them.

[2]: “Allah, the Eternal Refuge:” Allah is the One who is completely perfect in His noble attributes, glory, and greatness. He is the One whom the creation turn to for their needs and requests.

[3]: “He neither begets nor is born:” He does not have a child, parent, nor wife.

[4]: “Nor is there to Him any equivalent:” There is nothing from His creation equivalent to Him or similar to Him, not in His names, not in His attributes, and not in His actions; He is blessed, lofty, and far-removed from any imperfections.


(1) A Simplified Explanation of the Qu’raan, King Fahd Qur’aan Complex (Foreword by Saalih Aali ash-Shaykh), 604

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